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KARACHI – Significant developments were made during the interrogation of Lyari gangwar head Uzair Baloch Thursday. Baloch revealed the names of 10 key operatives of Lyari gangwar’s women wing.

March 23, 2017
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"How dare NAB chief file a case against me," says Zardari

Former President Asif Ali Zardari warned the government that it doesn’t take too long for time to change.

“I am threatening the government and its minister. I am also threatening the man whose hair is never ruined,” he said. “It is possible that you will fall down on my feet like Saif-ur-Rehman.”

Zardari made these remarks during an interview with Hamid Mir on. The interview aired on Geo News on Wednesday.

“How dare the National Accountability Bureau chief file a case against me? What position does he have?” he claimed.  

“They do injustice but forget it doesn’t take long for time to change. They try their best but I don’t feel threatened,” he said.  

“Even after rejecting the results of election, we supported democracy,” he said. “If I didn’t take the oath then someone else would have come, and with that person you would have not been able to make democracy work.”

Sharing his future plans, he said Bilawal and I will go to this parliament only. “We will go to this parliament. For a political hunt it is necessary to go the politicians' nest.”

“No politician can open an account in any other country except Nawaz Sharif,” he said, adding “I am also waiting for the verdict on Panama case.”

When asked about Swiss Bank account, he said if there is money is Swiss Bank then it belongs to foreigners and not Pakistanis.” I don’t have money in Swiss Bank,” he claimed.

Speaking about relationship with US, he said “I don’t want entry in US, I want trade relationship.”

He also said, “We had a lot of expectations from Barack Obama. He didn’t reach his full potential like we thought he would.”

The PPP co-chairperson also mentioned military courts. “Military courts were also established for two years previously,” he said, adding “our advice on military courts was disliked by few of our friends.”

On Hussain Haqqani

Hussain Haqqani didn’t even have the right in American Embassy to issues visas [to anyone], said Zardari.

 “I don’t think Hussain has said this, he didn’t even have the right in American Embassy to issues visas [to anyone]. There a lot more people in American Embassy than just the ambassador who scramble through the important visas.”

Zardari also said, “I would never meet Haqqani nor would plan to meet during my visits to Washington.”

“Hussain Haqqani lives in another world altogether these days.  There is a lot of difference in the way we think now,” the PPP leader said.

“I don’t agree with what Haqqani has written about Pakistan in his book. Haqqani considers himself Washington’s philosopher and lobbyists, there are some people who make friends in US while making anti-Pakistani statements, said Zardari, adding “Haqqani thinks he is very smart.”

When Hussain Haqqani was made the ambassador the president of the country was Pervez Musharraf.

On Sheikh Rasheed, Ayyan Ali

Zardari also spoke about Sheikh Rasheed and accused him of lack of loyalty. “When I was the presdent, Sheikh Rasheed once ate food with me. The food lacked salt,” he said while alluding to Rasheed’s alleged lack of loyalty.  

Previously, Sheikh rasheed had called Nawaz Sharif and Zardari each other’s insurance policy

Speaking about the Ayyan Ali case, he remarked Latif Khoso took the Ayyan Ali case and got a chance. The case is another way to defame me, Zardari said, adding “I am in no way involved in this issue.”

On issues during his tenure

“Our government faced the issue of Osama [Bin Laden]”, he remarked. The parliament solved this issue otherwise who knows what the world would have done with us.

“The parliament fought him, civilians fought him, otherwise who knows what the world would have done,” he remarked.   

He also stated that it was the decision of the parliament and establishment to not make the findings of Abbotabad commission.   

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